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3 Pillars of Financial Success

Success keys

11 Mar 3 Pillars of Financial Success

Now let us face this fact :

At least 65% of businesses will fail within the first 24-36 months anywhere in the World.

Would it not be beneficial to attempt to remove the causes for failures?

Hence, we have designed our own 3 pillars of financial success with 3 key questions:

Question 1) Why is your business unique?

This is the first question you, as entrepreneur, need to answer if you like to plan for success.

Oftentimes we speak to entrepreneurs who are looking to start up and this is a difficult question to answer. However it is absolutely crucial that you are able to define your own “unique” statement.

The USP (Unique Selling Point) will become Intellectual Property which needs to be developed and protected. Have you ever thought how Gillette became a major player in the consumer industry?

Question 2)Will your business work without you?

How frequently do we hear the phrase “….I have started my own business…..”?

But really when does a new venture really becomes a “business”.

To put simply, if you do not surround yourself with people who will make you no longer indispensable, you will never be able to state that you own a ‘Business”. If it does not work without you, you will own a “Job” and your business will be effectively worthless in the market place

Question 3) Can you sell to new clients and new markets?

How much would an investor pay for a business that will not push geographical boundaries? Probably a lot less than the money available to pay for an international business with presence in more than 1 country.

So why do not you try to think beyond your own geographical boundaries?

So what should you exactly do to increase the value of your business?

The path to follow should the following :

a) Declare your goals

b) Contact us for a proposal to achieve your goals

c) We work together to achieve your ultimate financial success


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