Taras Financial | 2017 : will UK international trade improve?
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2017 : will UK international trade improve?

International Trade

27 Dec 2017 : will UK international trade improve?

During my latest speech at the DIT (former UKTI) in London, I shared the current account/GDP ratio of the first 8 economies in the World and they were as follows :

USA -2.60%

China + 2.70%

Japan + 3.60%

Germany + 8.60%

UK – 5.70%

France -0.60%

India -0.90%

Italy +2.40%

So it is easy to conclude that Germany has the best ratio while the UK has the worst ratio. And this means about 130 billion USD net outflow from the UK economy which means about 0.5 billion each working day.

Will Brexit help solve this issue or will it get worse?

It is clear that UK businesses are not trying hard enough to sell more of their products outside of the UK. Start ups are increasing but clearly scale ups should be a lot more part of our business activities.

I have personally spoken to my international business development partners and my franchising partners and clearly there has been a negative sentiment due to Brexit.

Let me know fellow Linkedin business partners what your experience has been lately. We know very well that a business can only increase its valuation if it successful expands overseas and, alone, this should be a win-win subject for any of your clients.

I am happy also to take emails on mt@taras-financial.co.uk and you can exchange views also on our website : www.taras-financial.co.uk

Matteo Turi FCCA

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