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Our Services

At Taras Services Ltd, we are proud to be business partners of our clients.


For each service on offer, we explain

1.What we do


2. Why you should choose us


3. The value we offer to your business


4. The price we charge for our service

Interested in what we do? Get in touch now.

This product is designed to attract investments. It will include i) market study, ii) cash flow forecast, ii) balance sheet, iii) profit & loss

We design & execute your investment plan. We will be your finance business partner.

We have extensive experience in financial modelling & attracting investments

Best value from banks & investors. On-going dialogue to ensure best results are achieved for all parties.

Please call us for a quote. This includes initial visit, set up. We will ensure best practice to ensure that your results will be in line with your strategic objectives. We estimate 2 days a month in your office & everyday support.

This product is designed for growing businesses needing to increase their funding requirements, typically debt.

We finance your additional growth capital by actively negotiating with lending institutions. We execute your growth plans together with you.

We partner with the best finance institutions thank to our extensive network in financial services

Best treasury management and right capital funding for your business

Please call us for a quote. We estimate 2 days a month and this includes performance management and active facility management with lenders. This will include everyday support.

This product is designed to prepare and execute your franchising strategy

We ensure that your processes become systematic so that you can sell franchising licences

We have successfully executed 26 international franchising strategies

Exponential growth in your market valuation.

Please call us for a quote.

This product is to exit your business between 1-4 years. There are 2 phases : i) preparation & ii) execution

We plan & execute your exit. This includes succession planning.

We know what will drive value on exit. We have an extensive network in the financial services

We maximise your value on exit. We will show how your bottom line will have a multiplier effect on your valuation

Please call us for a quote. We estimate 2 days a month in your office and everyday support.

This product is designed to transform the performance of your business. We adopt a company-wide approach

We measure, manage & drive your performance

We will get maximum results from your human and capital resources. We will engage employees with alignment of their objectives to company strategies

Best business performance & best stakeholder relationships. You will have the perfect tool to execute your strategies

Please call us for a quote. We estimate 3 days a month in your office & everyday support.