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The power of franchising your business


26 May The power of franchising your business

Oftentimes we engage businesses with a view to transform their performance.

Our minimum objective is to go from bad growth to good growth.

However, what about if you want to go from good growth to great growth and a much higher business valuation?

This is exactly where you may want to consider franchising your business.

As you can see from the graph, this type of growth strategy will take your business valuation sky-high, especially if you can display your products and services internationally.

There are 3 levels of licences:

i) low price licence which applies when the first licences are sold until the business builds more track record

ii) medium price licence which applies when the business has shown some track record and is now considered a more mature investment

iii) high price licence which applies when the business has several years of track record and so the investment is considered very secure.

With my advisory partnership there have been 26 happy clients which expanded in this way and the sectors range from restaurants, to professional services, recruitment services, children swimming lessons and others.

There are 4 winners and 0 losers with the execution of the strategy :

  1. The client significantly increase its market valuation and cash flow
  2. The franchisee purchases a secure business (very high percentage of success compared to an average start-up)
  3. The bank will lend with low risk (initially even 50% unsecured loans)
  4. We facilitate the process.

Please contact us on 020 3287 1055 or 07443 874605 if you would like to have an initial conversation on your growth strategy.

3 ways of growing a business

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