Taras Financial | Succession planning : as precious as Gold
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Succession planning : as precious as Gold

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28 May Succession planning : as precious as Gold

What is the value of your business without succession planning in place? What is succession planning all about?

When we visit clients who want to sell their business at the right price, one of the key subjects of debate is succession planning.

To be able to properly sell a business, the owner needs to convince the buyer that the business will function without him/her.

This is a very simple statement yet, surprisingly, oftentimes we come across owners who are not ready to start the exit preparation phase because they have not addresses this crucial issue.

The difference between having a succession planning in place and not having one is really major and, without resolving it, the business will not realistically attract a buyer at the right price.

So what does your business need to do to be ready for a successful sale? There are a number of business areas we cover through my partners and we are privileged to be able to work with successful entrepreneurial partners.

If you are contemplating selling your business with highest possible value, do not hesitate to contacts us on 020 3287 1055 and we will be able to have an informal chat.


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