Taras Financial | The true definition of a “Business” and a “Job”
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The true definition of a “Business” and a “Job”

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21 May The true definition of a “Business” and a “Job”

“I have decided to start my own business” is a very common phrase in our world.

It usually means that one no longer works for a fixed salary but that one is now reliant on his/her own selling capabilities.

To many this means independence and freedom hence it is usually very exciting when this happens.

However, to function properly, a business requires a good balance between 3 personalities : i) the Entrepreneur, ii) the Manager and iii) the Technician.

Unfortunately this is the reason why leaving a job to start “your own business” often translates into “owning a job”.

Your business will simply be worthless in the market place if it cannot function without you. Until then you will “own a job” in which you will effectively need to work as 3 people in one.

If you want to leverage your time and create your true business with a true future exit value, please contact us on 020 3287 1055 and we will be happy to have a chat.

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